Toby Hockley
Cyclist Toby Hockley was knocked from his bike in Norfolk (Facebook)

A woman motorist is being investigated by the police after tweeting that she had hit a cyclist while driving in Norfolk.

Under the hashtag #Bloodycyclists, Emma Way tweeted: "Definitely knocked a cyclist off his bike earlier. I have right of way - he doesn't even pay road tax!"

A number of Twitter users forwarded the message to Norfolk Police, which is investigating. Her Twitter account has been removed from the social networking site.

The cyclist was named as Toby Hockley, 29, who said he had been taking part in the 100-mile Boudicca Sportive ride when he was knocked down by a car coming in the opposite direction. He was five miles from the finish line.

Police said they have spoken to both parties.

Hockley was unharmed but said the incident had shaken him. He told cycling website "I was riding on a country B-road with a friend, and descending a hill on a blind right-hand corner.

Emma Way
Tweet by Emma Way has been deleted (

"I was sticking to the left as the corner was blind. A car came round in the opposite direction going much too quickly to make the corner safely. It missed the rider in front of me but hit me, my right leg caught the front right wing. I was thrown up on to the bonnet. I hit the side of windscreen and the wing mirror.

"I bounced back off the car and went through a hedge for about 20 metres. I managed to keep control of the bike; the back brake had locked but I managed to rejoin the road and stop in the middle of it.

"I have a sore elbow, a bruised knee, nettle stings from riding through the hedge, but nothing serious. The headset of the bike is loose from the collision, one of the levers got knocked round the bars and there's bits of nettle in the chain, but I think the bike is intact.

"Myself and my friend burst out laughing when we finally came to a stop, more out of shock than anything else. You count your limbs and carry on."

Chloe Smith, Norwich North MP, said: "Road safety is crucial for all road users as is civility on the road."