Norwegian Woman Details Her Audition Experience to Be the Next Mrs Tom Cruise/Reuters
Norwegian woman reveals secret interview to be the next Mrs Tom Cruise/Reuters

A 27-year-old Norwegian woman has stated that she went through a secret audition to see if she was worthy of marrying Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise.

Anette Johansen details that the church of Scientology put her through an audition to be the next Mrs.Tom Cruise. In an interview with Australia's Women's Day, she said she believes that a video she made for the church was actually an audition.

"A film crew of four turned up, along with a make-up and hair stylist who made me look very glam - loads of eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss. I prefer a natural look but they told me I had to have lots of makeup," Johansen stated.

She also said she did not realise the real reason behind her video until she read former Scientologist Paul Haggis' New Yorker article about the church's search for a new wife for Cruise after his divorce from Nicole Kidman.

"It was exactly the same! Every little detail was the same - there is no doubt that I was auditioned to be Tom's wife," she added.

Her claim was confirmed by a former senior Scientologist, Marc Headley, who was in charge of bringing women for Cruise to review.

"Anette was auditioning for Tom Cruise," Headley stated.

"Those were the exact same questions they were asking the other girls. This girl had to be perfect in every way," he added.

However, Johansen did not make the final cut. He went on to marry actress Katie Holmes in November 2006 and they now have a daughter, Suri Cruise.

Johansen, however, adds that she was glad she did not marry him.

"I think what happened to Katie is terrible. Even now it must be very difficult for her because she still has a child with him. I'm very happy that I wasn't matched up with him," she says.

The Church of Scientology, meanwhile, rubbished the reports in a statement.

"There was no project, secret or otherwise, ever conducted by the church to find a bride (via audition or otherwise) for any member of the church. Never," a representative for the church denied.