As the UK continues to sizzle under the blazing sun, Britain experienced its hottest day of the year so far on Tuesday (20 June), leaving many tossing, turning and struggling to fall asleep at night.

With temperatures relentlessly soaring, many Brits have turned to social media to hold forth about their heat-related sleep deprivation and offer hilarious advice on how to "beat the heat".

The hashtag #TooHotToSleep soon began trending across Britain into the wee hours with hundreds of people sharing a slew of memes, jokes and other posts to vent their discomfort.

"Windows cracked open, fan on full blast, duvet kicked off bed and it's STILL too hot to sleep... what am I meant to do now?!" one Twitter user wrote.

Another chimed in: "Is it acceptable to take a bag of frozen peas to bed as an improvised cold water bottle."

"I will never complain of the cold or rain in the UK again," one person tweeted. "Please come back I want to bloody sleep."

Another wrote: "No bigger predicament that deciding whether to leave your window open [through] the night but risk letting the big spiders in."

#TooHotToSleep 😓😴 #FeelingLikeAFriedEgg 🍳 #BubblinBubblin

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