Tottenham Hotspur defeated Ludogorets 3-1 in their UEFA Europa League Group J encounter in Bulgaria on Thursday. As it stands, Jose Mourinho's side is now leading their group with six points from three matches.

Harry Kane made his 300th appearance for the Spurs and celebrated the occasion with his 200th goal for the club. Kane registered his milestone goal in the 13th minute from Lucas Moura's corner. He could have scored another goal on Thursday but had to remain content with one only.

Later, Kane set up an opportunity for Moura in the 32nd minute, and the latter scored the second of the night for the Spurs. Ludogorets' Claudio Keseru scored for the hosts in the 50th minute to minimise their deficit. But 12 minutes later, Giovani lo Celso netted the ball to secure a much-needed victory for the visitors.

Last week, the Tottenham manager was furious with his side's inferior performance against Antwerp. But on Thursday, his players seemed determined to resurrect their form. The first half was a more controlled one for the visitors, as they performed ruthlessly during that period.

Jose Mourinho in Tottenham
Jose Mourinho celebrates with Harry Kane Photo: AFP / Ben STANSALL Ben Stansall/AFP

Out of the 200 goals that Kane has scored in 300 matches, 101 of those were in his last 135 games. BBC reports that out of his tally, Kane has scored 100 goals away from home. His staggering record makes him one of the all-time greats in the Spurs' history.

As of now, 1960s legends Jimmy Greaves and Bobby Smith are the only players in the history of Tottenham who have more goals than Kane. Smith had scored 208 times between 1955 and 1964, while Greaves leads the chart with 266 goals.

Kane will need at least one more season to reach Greaves' all-time record. It is estimated that if the 27-year old England skipper stays with the club longer and keeps himself fit, he might just continue breaking more club records.

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Interestingly, Kane's 200th goal for the Spurs came 3,248 days after his first one against Shamrock Rovers. Kane came into the team in 2013. Back then, even he might not have predicted what glory was waiting for him. Mourinho would be happy to see Kane's prodigious goal-scoring rate, day in day out.