Advancements in artificial intelligence continuously pushed the boundaries of what computers are capable of. However, there are still some areas for improvement, which if addressed, could help enhance most platforms in the future. For now, some algorithms still have issues. This was spotted during a football match that was live streamed recently. Viewers found it hilarious that the ball-tracking technology programmed into the camera system mistook the linesman's bald head as the ball.

Reports highlight the decision of Scottish football team Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC to live stream its games with the help of advanced tech. "This exciting new partnership means that ICTFC will utilise live footage supplied by the newly installed Pixellot camera system installed at Caledonian Stadium," read the official announcement.

The statement continued: "The Pixellot system uses cameras with in-built, AI, ball-tracking technology to produce live HD footage of all home SPFL Championship matches at Caledonian Stadium, which will then be broadcast directly to ICTFC Season Ticket holders and those purchasing a PPV match via a centrally operated streaming platform at StreamAMG."

This led to several instances wherein the footage repeatedly focused on the wrong subject throughout the broadcast. Sources point out that this is what AI researchers identify as one of the problems of machine learning. Experts describe modern artificial intelligence as "brittle" as it struggles to understand certain nuances that only a human brain can analyse.

Soon, footage of the match, as well as compilation videos of the amusing segments, made their way online to the delight of viewers. Twitter user @seagull81 posted: "Inverness Caledonian Thistle don't employ a cameraman as their camera is programmed to follow the ball throughout the match. The commentator had to apologise today as the camera kept on mistaking the ball for the linesman's head..."

As such, it is likely that even the most cutting-edge hardware and software are prone to make mistakes. Depending on how and where AI is applied, it could either lead to funny moments as noted before or it could have dangerous implications in commercial and industrial applications. This becomes a major hurdle for companies that wish to fully automate certain processes.

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