Transformers 5
The much-awaited movie will be directed by Michael Bay Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures and Michel Bay started teasing fans of Transformers: The Last Knight ahead of its filming. After Bay's Cuba filming update, the official Twitter page has teased a mysterious character's entry to Earth.

A morse code message was shared on the live action thriller franchise's social media page, which translates to "E I'M COMING FOR YOU MAY 31." It is not yet clear what exactly is coming on the special day but the tease has sparked speculations of the Creator's plot in the movie.

Fan theories are abuzz that Optimus Primes's journey to the outer space along with the destroyer "seed" will put the Autobots at risk. According to their assumption, the Creators will turn the Autobot leader "evil" and he will return to Earth to settle scores with human on their behalf.

The Twitter page shared a caption along with the teaser video, which reads: "Something wicked this way comes." Fans on the microblogging website are claiming that the line is taken straight from Shakespeare's Macbeth where the witches turned Macbeth evil.

Certainly, the Creators are not friendly with Prime as they sent Lockdown, a Cybertronian bounty hunter, to destroy him for unspecific reasons. Hence, after asking the Autobots to protect Cade Yeager and his family from the Decepticons, Prime leaves to search for the mysterious alien race that wants him "back".

After missing in the fourth sequel, Josh Duhamel is returning to reprise the role of William Lennox in the fifth instalment. He starred in all the three Transformers films with Shia Labeouf as the lead.

Transformers 5 has Steven Spielberg as the executive producer is expected to premiere in 2017.