At least four people, including one child, have been killed in Mozambique by a tropical cyclone known as Dineo. Local media said the child, whose age was not disclosed, was killed after being crushed by a tree that had fallen over.

The incident occurred in Massinga, in the province of Inhambane, southern Mozambique, on Wednesday (15 February) night. The town was hit by winds in excess of 100 kmh (62mph) and heavy rains, according to South African Weather Service (SAWS).

"Strong winds exceeding 100km/h as well as torrential rainfall and very rough seas were most likely the main weather-related impacts," SAWS chief forecaster Kevin Rae said.

Dineo has now been downgraded from tropical cyclone to a tropical depression, with strong winds dying down. The tropical depression is being labelled "ex-Dineo".

In South Africa, a search and rescue unit was deployed in the northern part of the KwaZulu-Natal province – near the border with Mozambique – as a precautionary measure, The Times Lives website reported.

KwaZulu-Natal alongside two other South Africa provinces – Mpumalanga and Limpopo – and Zimbabwe are expected to be hit by rains and winds on 16 February.