An unusual press release to announce the legal separation of former NFL cheerleader Lynn Aronberg from Dave Aronberg, the state attorney for Palm Beach County in Florida, has made it a news bigger than the couple would have imagined.

The news release was intended to have the couple's joint statement notifying the press about their divorce, but the shocking financial details of the split and the mention of "Trump Divorce" took the news to the gossip columns of several publications.

The release begins with the joint statement from the couple, reading: "After much consideration over the past few months, we've decided to respectfully and amicably part ways and end our marriage.

"We are, however, dedicated to remaining close friends. We kindly ask for your supporting in preserving our privacy as we start to navigate this new chapter in our lives."

However, the statement did not end there and continued to describe how the couple met, their 2015 marriage and the possible reasons for the split in eight subsequent paragraphs.

Describing it as "Trump divorce", the release stated that Dave Aronberg is a Democrat, and his wife, Lynn — a fomer Miami Dolphins cheerleader — as "a staunch Republican and supporter of President Donald Trump" who "said she felt increasingly isolated in the marriage".

The release also noted, citing sources, that the former cheerleader "is receiving about $100,000 worth of benefits in exchange for her signature on the dotted line. The deal calls for Aronberg, 46, to pay for half of Lynn's rent in a luxury condo in tony Boca Raton until next summer. She's also reportedly getting a brand new BMW and $40,000 cash".

The release was reportedly issued by Lynn's PR firm, TransMedia Group, but she told The Palm Beach Post that she has no clue how the press release came to include the settlement's financial details that were confidential. Lynn also works for the same public relations firm as its executive vice president. She also runs her own PR firm called Lynn Aronberg Public Relations.

"Whatever's been put out there, I haven't gotten to the bottom of it," she said. However, Adrienne Mazzone, president of TransMedia, said her client announced the divorce settlement details to "accommodate" public queries.

"Lynn is certainly a media maven," Mazzone said. "The public has been asking a lot of questions, and we're simply accommodating that."

The press release also stated that having no children also contributed to the couple's split, which Lynn said was no secret.

The statement also mentioned that Dave Aronberg was considering running for the US House of Representatives.