So how does artist James Ostrer see US presidential hopeful Donald Trump? Not in a very flattering light, it seems, judging by his sculpture of the controversial businessman turned politicians.

Ostrer's portrays Trump with a honey blonde bouffant hairpiece, a real pig's snout, real sheep eyes, raw fish, crude oil, and rubble that has been gold leafed. A half-eaten croissant stands in for Trump's mouth. And perhaps an insult to Trump, the effigy has him in a mass-produced high street suit.

"The eyes of the world are on Trump which marked him out as my number one subject," Ostrer said of his latest art works. He said his latest portraits are an amalgamation of celebrity icons, who "seduce their onlookers through traditional and social media with their promises of success, beauty and glamour."

Calling them "honesty portraits", Ostrer has done sculptures of well-known celebrities, ranging from golfer Tiger Wood, singer Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Damian Hirst and Harry Styles.

Ostrer features those whom he feels embodies John Updike's dictum that celebrity is a mask that eats its own face. He said he created the artworks because he wanted to underpin his own and others' collective obsessions with the glorification of celebrity and its dark and seedy underside.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles as portrayed by Ostrer. Gazelli Art House

The works are an externalisation of the media data that he consumes day-to-day. "I am responding to the vast divide between what we are being sold and what we are actually getting."

He has labelled his artworks as Emotional Downloads, which are a reaction against corporately contrived icons, the "myth bearers that we are increasingly forced to worship." He said that although Trump may not be the presidential favourite to win the US elections, he is the "far and away the most searched candidate on Google." Currently, Trump is leading in the Republican race.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods sculpture
Tiger Woods as seen by James Ostrer. Gazelli Art House

Slamming former top golfer Tiger Woods, he said he picked the sports personality when he saw a billboard featuring Woods smiling down on him wearing a Rolex watch. "I was irritated with myself for being seduced, even momentarily, into believing that buying a watch I can't afford would make me happier. Especially by a smiling celebrity golfer who was pretending to be happy when in fact had only recently wrecked his family and work life through a pharmaceutical and sex addiction."

Wood's sculpture features a raw animal flesh and has a series of products that the golfer had endorsed. One of his eyes is a Nike golf ball embedded within a latex vagina while his other eye features a Rolex watch.

Miley Cyrus

sculpture of Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus as potrayed by artist James Ostrer. Gazelli Art House

The sculpture of Cyrus is made from pig-skin complete with ox tongue arms, nose and legs. Sheep's eyes and cow hoof horns frame a blonde mop of hair. The sculpture dons a fur coat with multiple latex breasts. "The Miley-inspired emotional download represents the spectrum of change I have seen in the last 25 years where the portrayed ideals of female fame and sex used to be defined by a fur coat, diamonds and a bit of flesh showing here and there to the now pneumatic pornification of women, perpetuating the apparent need to insert more and more silicon in various parts of their body and faces while removing all their natural 'fur'".

The artist said Cyrus epitomised Factory faming where young stars such as Cyrus and Harry Tyles find themselves on a compassionless conveyor belt of fame. "Cyrus seems to think she's in control but is basically pornified by Terry Richardson," he adds.

The exhibition called The Ego System at Art Central in Hong Kong is being held by London-based Gazelli Art House. It runs from 21 March to 26 March.