Bardo Museum
Footage showing the moment Tunisian special forces storm the Bardo Museum, Tunis YouTube

Dramatic video footage has emerged of the moment special forces stormed the Bardo Museum in Tunisia, where gunmen were holding tourists hostage.

Earlier, at least five gunmen stormed the museum in central Tunis, next to the country's parliament buildings, at shortly after 12pm local time, where they are reported to have taken up to 30 people hostage.

Tunisian security services besieged the museum for three hours, providing cover as some tourists fled the building for safety, before storming the building and killing two gunmen.

Tunisian police guard people as they flee the siege in Tunis' Bardo Museum.
Explosions can be heard in footage taken from inside the museum

Security forces are believed to be hunting for others involved in the attack. Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid said 17 of those killed were foreigners, including nationals from Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland.

A Tunisian cleaning lady and security guard were also killed. EU Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini blamed Islamic State (Isis) for the attack.

UPDATE: A video showing Tunisian MPs singing the national anthem while locked down because of the attack has emerged on social media.

The clip was uploaded on Facebook by Maria Marihøne.