Carly Lovett
Carly Lovett (R) is one of the victims of the Tunisia hotel shooting on 26 June 2015. Source: Carly Lovett Facebook profile

The first British victim of the Tunisia hotel shooting has been named as 24-year-old Carly Lovett by her family, but at the time of writing, had yet to be formally named by the Foreign Office.

Before she left, Lovett tweeted: "Definitely leaving in like three hours and definitely am not finished packing."

Lovett worked as a photographer at e-commerce company fizzco, who are based in Lincolnshire, northeast England.

Childhood friend Kyle Leeman, 23, who grew up on round the corner from Lovett, said she was a "kind and outgoing person," according to the Mirror.

He said to the Mirror: "We went to primary and secondary school together.

"We always used to hang out as kids. Her parents were always really welcoming to all her friends. I am absolutely devastated.

"They are a really close family, so I think it will hit them all very hard."

According to Lovett's Facebook profile, she became engaged to Liam Moore in December 2014.

Her fiancé is still in Tunisia and his family have told ITV News that he was due to return to the UK today.

The attack on a Tunisian beach resort in Sousse is thought to have left 40 people dead, although that number could rise.

Cameron's warning

David Cameron has warned that the majority of those killed in the terror attack in Tunisia were British citizens.

Fifteen Britons have currently been confirmed dead by the Foreign Office. In a statement on Saturday afternoon, Foreign Office minister Tobias Ellwood MP said the number of victims is expected to rise, due to the number of people who were seriously injured during the rampage.

But speaking after chairing a second emergency meeting of the Cobra committee, the prime minister warned the public that it needed to be prepared for the fact that "many of those killed" in the "savage" Tunisian shooting were British.

Cameron struck a defiant tone, saying that was no place for "these Islamist extremists in the modern world" and adding that they would be defeated.

He said: "These terrorists will not succeed. For as much as they try to divide people around the world, they will only unite us more strongly in our determination to defeat these Islamist extremists and all that they stand for."

Tourists arrive home

British tourists are returning to home now with many of them recounting the horrific attack.

Debbie Horsefall who was on the beach when the attack took place but has now returned to the UK, told the BBC: "We were on the beach sunbathing and we heard gunshots, which we thought were fireworks. My friend I was on holiday with stood up and saw the terrorist holding a gun and just shouted 'run, there's a gun'.

"I can't even explain how scared I was. You want to believe it's not real, but it was. And I didn't feel safe at all, not until I landed back in Manchester," she added.

The current foreign office advice on Tunisia, reads: "A British Embassy crisis team has deployed to the area and is providing consular assistance to British nationals. If you are in the area you should keep in touch with your tour operator and follow any advice from Tunisian security authorities. If you are a British national currently in Tunisia and wish to inform the FCO of your whereabouts, or you are concerned about friends or family, you should contact us."

Meanwhile, Tunisia's prime minister Habib Essid has announced that the potential suspect in the shooting was 23-year-old engineering student Seifeddine Rezgui, also known as Abu Yahya Qayrawani.

In a photo on an Islamic State social media account, he can be seen grinning while posing between two Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifles.

The post refers to him as Abu Yahya AlQuirawani, with Quirawan referring to the town in central Tunisia where he is from.

A message next to the picture reads: "Soldier of the Khalifat, Abu Yahya AlQuirawani, may god accept him, a night of the Sousse invasion in the muslim Tunisia."

Tunisia's prime minister has said that security services would clampdown after the shootings, announcing that around 80 mosques accused of "spreading venom" will close within a week. He also said that army reservists were being deployed to archaeological sites and resorts.

The Foreign Office has issued a number for people concerned over friends or relatives in the area. It is 0800 0885372.