British TV personality Vanessa Feltz, TV host Phillip Schofield, and former U.K. Member of Parliament Gyles Brandreth do not agree with Prince Harry's suggestion that people should just quit their jobs if they are not happy with it.

In Tuesday's episode of ITV's "This Morning" show, Schofield invited Feltz and Brandreth to talk about the recent statement the Duke of Sussex made about job resignations. The royal said many people have left jobs that made them unhappy for the sake of their mental health and happiness. He said that this should be a cause for celebration.

"Prince Harry has claimed that people quitting jobs that fail to fulfill them should be celebrated as they're putting their mental health first. It's an important message again, mental health, it's always great to talk about it," Schofield said.

He then pointed out the disparity between the duke and other people who do not have the luxury to just quit their jobs. Schofield said the duke signed "a £100million deal with Netflix and £80 million from Spotify so he had somewhere to go."

Feltz chimed in and said, "If we're very lucky, we might work our way eventually in life towards a job that we might enjoy. But most of the time, it's very basic things like paying your rent, putting food on the table, putting shoes on your children's feet." She added of Prince Harry, "I think it's incredibly rarefied and privileged to talk about it in the way that he's talked about it."

Brandreth agreed and said most people "don't have the luxury of looking for joy in their work" because the needs of their family are what come first. He then shared his doubts that the Duke of Sussex is the right person to be telling everyone about quitting their jobs for the sake of happiness and mental health.

"I'm not sure that from a guy who has taken $100 million in a Netflix deal to be telling us about the joy of finding freedom in your new working life it sits not very easily with me," he said to which Feltz agreed and said, "It's more of that tone-deaf stuff where they just don't seem to get it."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Photo by: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images