Paul Daniels
Paul Daniels (pictured here with his wife Debbie McGee) has returned home to be with his family as he battles an incurable brain tumour Anthony Harvey/Getty

Legendary TV magician Paul Daniels has decided to return home for the final days of his life after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. The 77-year-old performer was diagnosed two weeks ago.

Daniels had been taken to hospital after a fall at his home where doctors suspected he had suffered a stroke. But a scan revealed a tumour that had been growing on the brain.

Best known for his series 'The Paul Daniels Magic Show', which aired on the BBC between 1979-1994, he is married to his assistant on the show, Debbie McGee. His wife has been caring for the entertainer after Paul rejected radiotherapy that would not extend his life.

His son, Martin Daniels, who is also a magician, told the Mirror doctors told the family that they are not quite sure how long he would live after returning home. The 52-year-old said Paul "knows things are not in his hands now and we are living in the knowledge every day is a bonus".

"It was devastating for all of us," he said on finding out the news. "The doctors said the tumour was growing rapidly and could not be cured.

"Dad's not going to get any better. Doctors haven't said how many weeks or months he might have - and we haven't asked. It is unbearably difficult. He has said before 'When it's your time it's your time' and that's how he is trying to face up to things."

Daniels, born Newton Edward Daniels in Middlesbrough, is now at his Berkshire home where his wife, Martin, and his other sons Paul, 55, and Gary, 46, have barely left his side in the past fortnight. Speaking about going home from hospital, Martin said: "He's happy there - some days he is tired and spends most of his time in bed dozing."

He added that his father was "lucid" and the family were thankful by the touching support from his fanbase. "We are very grateful and all of us are genuinely touched. It is giving us tremendous strength at what is a very difficult time."

In 2010, Daniels was rushed to hospital over fears that he had suffered from a cardiac arrest. After undergoing several tests, doctors determined that he had a "slightly enlarged" heart.