Twitter has added QR codes to its mobile app on iOS and Android to help users follow new accounts and promote its own. The move introduces the kind of code-sharing fun enjoyed by successful social-media rival Snapchat, and brings the Twitter app's suite up to date with the freshest feature advancements – first seen on Snapchat around five years ago.

The feature is currently being rolled out worldwide, with some users having to wait to be able to create their own garbled arrangement of white squares.

Once available, a QR code option appears in the app's profile menu screen below the night mode toggle. The app then switches to photo mode, where users can scan other Twitter members' unique QR codes and jump directly to their profile.

To create a personal ID tag, simply go to your profile and tap the 'gear' icon and select the 'My QR code' option, with multiple taps altering the background colour. Clicking the share button gives you the option to either show the world your QR code on Twitter, as well as other social apps, or save it as a permanent photo.

The feature was announced on Twitter by one of the social network's designers, Brittany Forks, in a tweet, embedded below, that referenced its similarity to the way Snapchat users are able to currently share QR codes.

QR codes have been trialled on everything from ticket barcodes to magazine advertisements to tacky T-shirts, but interest has sloped off with the growth of more instant interactive features such as NFC (Near Field Communication) Tags.

In a more serious and pressing move, Twitter recently introduced new anti-harassment features to help put a stop to abusive behaviour on the platform.