Facebook and Twitter are the world's most popular social networks having their own unique features.

Facebook has been steadily growing since its inception 10 years ago. The social networking website now has an astonishing 1.3bn monthly active users, and generates yearly revenues close to $3bn.

Meanwhile, Twitter could not grow as a multi-billion-dollar business like Facebook. However, it has also proven wildly successful. Twittter's yearly revenue stands at $312m while it has a user base of 271 million.

Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Barack Obama have the top three most popular Twitter accounts. Facbook's top three comprise of Shakira, Cristiano Ronaldo and Eminem.

Twitter is primarily mobile - 86% of people use the platform through their mobile devices compared to 68% for Facebook. In 2014, there have been approximately 350,000 tweets and 382,000 Facebook likes per minute.

The Statista chart below shows how Facebook and Twitter measure up in numbers.

Infographic: Twitter Versus Facebook | Statista
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