Twitter’s next new Facebook-like feature could allow you to add stickers to your photos
Twitter may soon add growingly popular stickers feature Getty Images

Twitter is looking to add a new feature that would allow users to add stickers and drawings to their photos before tweeting. The feature is similar to Facebook's stickers tool, which allows users to customise their photos with stickers and doodles.

Twitter is currently testing the feature, which it hopes will help attract more users to its platform, according to a report in Recode. The feature mirrors the functions of Twitter Camera, its celeb-only photo app that allows users to post exclusive pictures and gifs.

According to Twitter, stickers will offer suggestions to users on which photos can be edited and posted "to participate in trending conversations and breaking news." The tech giant says the tool will also allow users to "see how other users from around the world have edited the same photo", thereby connecting more people via pictures.

In theory, Twitter could group together similar pictures by focusing on the stickers posted by users. For instance, pictures that have heart stickers might all be grouped together by the social media group. It could then display those to users, essentially categorising photos based on stickers, and drive growth. A Twitter spokesperson told Recode, "We're always researching potential new ways to make Twitter more expressive."

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