Britons are to brace themselves for the coldest night of the year tonight (28 December) as temperatures are expected to plummet to -10C with chances of ice.

"The very low temperatures in Scotland indicate that it will definitely be the coldest night of the year so far," said Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge.

Night time lows are expected at -3C in the south, -8C in the northern areas and -10C in the Scottish valleys.

Clear and crisp nights are expected until at least Wednesday (31 December) as high pressure from Iceland pushes freezing temperatures into UK. Drivers are being warned to take caution due to icy conditions on roads.

"Do take care if you are travelling and be aware that there could be disruption to your journey," warned Met Office forecaster Alex Burkhill.

While it is expected to remain dry in the next few days, spells of sunshine will continue till at least tomorrow and freezing fog patches and sharp frost are expected to remain.

Flood warnings are in full swing in Anglia where heavy rain on Saturday (27 December) has raised the water levels in River Nene, increasing a risk of flooding at North Bank Road, reported The Independent.

The coldest night of the year was registered on Boxing Day Friday (26 December) in Braemar, Scotland, where temperatures hit lows of -8.5C.

Parts of northern England and Scotland were seen covered in thick layers of snow on Friday (26 December) night with motorists forced to stay away from roads.

Over 100,000 homes experienced power cuts die to snow accumulation on electricity cables.