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Apart from the UK, other favourite destinations of millionaires included US, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and UAE Wikipedia

Most millionaires from around the world want to move to Britain, a survey conducted by wealth analsyts New World Wealth and resettlement advisors Lio Global has revealed.

The survey, which was published this month, showed that 61,000 high-net worth individuals (HNWI) from India migrated to various parts of the world between 2000-2014, most of whom settled in the UK.

The survey considered a sample of nearly 60,000 global HNWIs in 2000, with the same sample in 2014.

Apart from the UK, other favourite destinations of millionaires included US, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and UAE respectively.

The research suggests that millionaires from Europe, Russia, China and India wanted to migrate to the UK because it is easy to move money here and buy property. Other reasons cited were quality of schools and universities and ease of travel within the European Union.

Around 8,000 South African millionaires have also left the country in the past 10 years, according to the research.

Overall, 125,000 super-wealthy individuals relocated to the UK from eastern European countries, China, India and Africa, while 52,000 people from China, the UK, India and Russia have migrated to the US since 2000.

UK welcomes the rich

According to Nadia Read, head of the world residence and citizenship platform at LIO Global: "The main reason people apply for a second residence or citizenship is to ensure freedom of global mobility and access, as well as security and wealth protection for their families.

"The majority of investors are typically looking towards the EU. Cyprus and Malta, in particular, are very popular as they offer direct citizenship without long waiting or residence periods. Portugal's Golden Residence Visa, as well as the Hungarian Residence Bond programme, have also seen significant interest, as they offer investors residence in exchange for a smaller investment.

"The Caribbean has also recently seen strong demand as countries such as Antigua and Barbuda or Grenada offer direct citizenship in under six months," Read added.

Meanwhile, India was also ranked last on the list of top 10 countries for millionaires at the end of 2014.

The survey states India's HNWI outflows in the last fourteen years were second to China at 91,000. Most HNWI outflows from India moved to UK, US, Singapore, Australia and UAE.

While UK topped the list of being the highest recipient of HNWI inflows from around the world, London emerged as the top choice of city for millionaires.