Wimbledon UK heatwave
The heat was too much for one ball boy at Wimbledon, who fainted Getty

London paramedics received almost a third more emergency calls compared to last week as rising temperatures caused a spike in the number of people fainting and complaining of breathing problems.

By 1pm on Wednesday (1 July) the London Ambulance Service (LAS) had taken 1,373 calls, a 28% increase on last Wednesday.

Out of those, 385 were deemed category A calls – life-threatening – most of whom suffered from breathing problems (58) or reported unconsciousness or feeling faint (77).

Last week there were 303 category A incidents, with 45 and 57 incidents relating to breathing problems or unconsciousness, respectively.

One incident came at Wimbledon after a ball boy collapsed in the heat on Court 17. Paramedics were quick to take the boy off the court on a stretcher, by which time he had regained consciousness.

LAS medical director Dr Fenella Wrigley said: "We typically see a rise in 999 calls as temperatures increase; this is due to various reasons including people forgetting to keep hydrated and the heat making pre-existing conditions like asthma worse. The elderly, very young and those with underlying medical conditions are more at risk so please check on any vulnerable people, particularly if they live alone.

"I would urge all Londoners out enjoying the hot weather to stay safe by making sure you keep covered up to avoid sunburn, carry any medication you may need with you, keep cool by sitting in the shade, drink plenty of water and avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol."