BA flight emergency landing
The plane was safely grounded at Heathrow after suffering 'technical problems' SophGarrett

A British Airways pilot has been hailed a hero after he was forced to make an emergency landing at Heathrow. The pilot safely grounded the plane after two of its five sets of wheels malfunctioned.

The BA295 flight returned to London after suffering 'technical problems' and was immediately met by fire engines on the runway. Passengers were told they had to disembark the plane rear first or it could have tipped on to its tail.

A spokesman for Heathrow said a runway was closed for nearly an hour, which has caused disruption to some flights, Mail Online reports. "Due to a technical issue with an aircraft that needed resolving on the runway following landing, Heathrow operated with only one runway for a short time. We are sorry that this has caused some disruption to flights. All passengers should check with their airline before travelling to the airport."

Passengers described the experience as 'quite scary' and praised the pilot for his calm response to the emergency.

Muriel Gray tweeted: "The hugest kisses and hugs to the British Airways pilot who just landed the plane my husband was on when the landing gear failed. Husband says BA pilot typically understated despite telling passengers how close a call that just was."

Passenger Martin Robinson said: "About three hours in we were told we would be returning to London due to a technical issue and it would take two hours to get back. About 20 minutes before landing we were told the landing gear would be lowered.

'We understand now there was a problem with landing gear and only three of the five wheel sets lowered. The pilot was brilliant, very cool and calm. We are currently sitting on runway waiting to be towed back. Emergency services were on stand by.

"I think the pilot nailed it. Everyone was calm. Landing was almost seamless. Better than other flights I've been on."