The latest UK house prices figures have been issued by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. And it seems that prices are still falling, but last month they fell at a slower rate.

We're all still worried about what's happening in Europe and the recession. And what with many banks still stalling when it comes to putting some affordable mortgage products out there, according to Peter Bolton King from RICS, all that is really undermining consumer confidence.

The other big influencer was the effect that the end of the stamp duty holiday had. The party for 1st time buyers of properties under £250k was over at the end of March, so - of course - there was a big demand just before that for all those lucky people who wanted to feel the benefit. Demand dropped off after that, so - for the moment - it looks like it's anyone's guess if the market will stabilise.

Written and Presented by Marverine Cole.