Gaming expert Francisc Csiki of CasinoAlpha divulged these lesser-known strategies for improving one's chances of winning the lottery. While luck does play a factor in getting the jackpot, Csiki revealed that it's also a game of strategy and planning– from being careful with the numbers you choose, to which lottery you enter.

According to him, the most tactical UK lottery game to invest in is the People's Postcode. He said, "For your best chances of success, the People's Postcode draw is the go-to game. Participants can play in daily, biweekly, and monthly draws, with jackpots of £1,000, £30,000, and £7.9 million. The daily draw awards the money to one winner in 20 postcodes, and the Saturday and Sunday draw provides the award to a player in one postcode. The monthly draw money is spread among one postcode area's participants."

However, if your goal is to win big rather than to win multiple small prizes, then he suggests that players spring for the Euromillions draw.

"EuroMillions provides the biggest jackpot, but choosing the winning numbers is unlikely. This is generally the case for all options: a high maximum prize is counter-balanced by low odds. For the EuroMillions, for example, there is a 1 in 139,838,160 chance of winning the jackpot but a one in 13 chance of winning any amount of payout," the expert said.

As a final note, he strongly advised players to stop picking numbers with sentimental value to them. A lot of occasional players rely on birthdays or anniversary dates when choosing lottery ticket numbers and the expert says this actually decreases their chances of winning.

Csiki says: "The argument is simple. While you may think these numbers to be very personal to you, there is a big chance that you share your lucky numbers with thousands of other players. Additionally, lucky numbers, dates of birth or other such combinations usually cover a small range of possibilities. You are essentially lowering your likelihood of getting the right match alone."

Rosa Dominguez and her two winning cheques
Rosa Dominguez with her two winning cheques California Lottery