Sky News reports that 375 players have become millionaires in the past year alone. A rate of more than one winner a day and a staggering amount of £ 1.3 billion among all these lucky players. Camelot, the Lottery company that has held the National Lottery license since 2009 has now revealed the luckiest star signs and professions that have bagged multimillion jackpots.

Data from Camelot shows that builders or teachers are at the top of their list of the luckiest occupations of 2022. Next on the list are drivers, retail workers and administration staff.

Astrological signs were also considered when analyzing the top winners of the National Lottery. Cancer was the luckiest star sign for players in 2022, followed closely by Leo and Aries who tied as the second-luckiest star signs.

Analyzing the numbers most likely to appear in winning draws, 39 was recorded to appear the most times in jackpot-winning combinations, being selected 17 times. This list of lucky numbers is followed by 21, 13, 50 and 58.

Conversely, the unluckiest number of the year is a surprise, the number 8, which is number considered the luckiest of numbers in Chinese culture. This year's data showed the number eight was drawn the least number of times, just five.

The biggest-ever UK win was bagged by a player who has chosen to redeem their winnings anonymously. They won £195,707,000 on the Euromillions in July.

Andy Carter, Camelot's senior winners' adviser said, "It's been the busiest year of millionaire-making, including creating the biggest winners we have ever seen. Supporting our amazing players through these life-changing events is a privilege."

Since 2004, the Big Lottery Fund has allocated over £9.4 Billion raised by the National Lottery to 130,000 "good causes" across the UK. In 2018, their annual report showed that 1 in 8 people in the UK has benefited from their projects.

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