A British couple died after being washed away in a flash flood in Spain on Friday, a BBC report said.

Witnesses reported that the septuagenarian pair was sitting outside a marketplace café in the town of Finestrat on the Costa Blanca, when they were hit by a wave of water.

The Spanish media said the British couple, who has not yet been named, was believed to have been dragged away by the tide of water, as it flowed through the market place damaging cars and stalls. According to further reports, rescue officials found the bodies of the couple, a few miles down the coast from Benidorm. They were found lying under a trailer.

Two other people were taken to hospital, according to local media, and a 90-year-old was missing but was later found unharmed in a nearby street.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Office has confirmed the deaths of the British couple. The government spokesman, Jose Perez Grau, confirmed the dead couple was a British man, aged 72, and his wife, aged 70.

"We are aware of the death of two British nationals in Finestrat, Spain. We are providing consular assistance to the family," he said, according to a BBC report. According to reports, this incident isn't the first-of-it's kind. Spain has received torrential floods previously in 2008 and 2009.