The UK weather is set to turn warmer this weekend as the deep freeze that gripped weekday mornings makes way for less biting conditions. Things are likely to be drier in the North with Scotland potentially enjoying some sunshine, while London will be soggy.

London could reach highs of 9C on on Saturday morning with showers also expected. The outbreak of mild weather promises to continue into next week – it is hoped that the worst of winter has now passed.

A Met Office spokeswoman said: "We will see things starting to recover in terms of temperature today (27 January) but it will be a little bit more unsettled. There may be rain in the West spreading eastwards from Saturday morning.

"The weekend will be brighter with showers and temperatures returning to something closer to average. Temperatures on Saturday could be 8C or 9C in the South whereas yesterday some places struggled to break even. Tonight may even be warmer in places than yesterday was during the day time.

"On Sunday people will be waking up to cloudy and increasingly wet weather across the South. From Leeds and further North it should be mostly dry. Scotland has the best chance of seeing any sunshine."

On Friday morning drivers in south-east England were warned to take extra care as the Met Office issued another severe weather warning for icy roads. The weather agency even signalled for the possibility of snow but none was forthcoming.

UK weather
UK weather: Deep freeze set to make way for mild and soggy weather in London. Daniel Leal-Olivas/Getty Images