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A skier enjoys the winter conditions at the Lecht ski centre in the Cairngorms, Scotland Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

The Met Office was forced to issue a severe weather warning for wind in Scotland as gale forces reached up to 108mph in The Cairngorms on 29 September.

Other areas in Scotland also saw extreme gusts of more than 60mph, prompting a yellow "be prepared" weather warning in the region until 1pm. A number of RNLI lifeboats were sent out to rescue those trapped in the stormy conditions off Scotland's west coast.

According to the BBC, RNLI rescued a man who was stuck on a small boat in the rough waters in Glenelg Bay on 28 September. A broken-down trawler with six fishermen also needed to be rescued later that evening.

Forecasters had warned that the winds could reach speeds of 75mph across the Hebrides, Sutherland, Caithness and Orkney. There has also been severe disruption to travel on roads and ferry routes, with travel on the Dornoch Bridge being restricted.

On 29 September morning, as the winds reached more than 100mph in some regions, at least 500 homes in Muir of Ord, Insch, Kames, Orkney and Krieff were left with no electricity. Some weather forecasters have also predicted sleet on top of mountains in Scotland as the wind clears from the region later in the day.

Last week the Met Office released the list of names for the 2016/17 UK storm season, which is due to start soon. So far there have been no forecasts for storms headed our way, however, warnings have been issued over cold air from the Arctic Sea moving in, bringing showery conditions.

Weather experts have also noted that this winter is set to be colder than usual, following a particularly warm summer. This is due to the strong El Nino ocean current that has now transitioned into a weaker La Nina.