Uk storm
The UK is likely to see up to 20mm or more of thundery showers within one hour, with as much as 50mm within a few hours Dan Kitwood/Getty

Flash flooding submerged three cars in south London on Tuesday 7 June as the capital was hit by torrential rain. Emergency services were responding to a number of flash flooding and lightning strike calls in Wallington, Mitcham and Croydon.

An image of a car completely submerged underwater was shared widely on social media as people warned Londoners to stay away from certain areas in the south. The Metropolitan Police issued a warning to drivers to avoid Wallington Bridge due to the severe flooding and warned that two cars had already been submerged in the area.

A spokesperson for the London Fire Brigade said: "The most significant incident was three cars flooded to the depth of two metres on Manor Road in Wallington. Two people were assisted from their cars before the arrival of the brigade, and a third person was rescued by firefighters."

Meanwhile, Transport for London said that buses in the south London areas were being affected due to the torrential rain and flooding. Customers have been advised to seek alternative routes during their rush-hour journeys on 7 June.

The Environment Agency had issued five flood alerts in south-east England, as well as two in the south-west and one in the north. The word "thunder" was trending on Twitter in London as many took to social media to comment on the sudden storm, posting images of flooding in their areas.

The London Fire Brigade was called to an area in Wallington where a tree was set alight by a lightning strike. Several homes in the area were also struck, causing roof and electrical damage.

At 4.28pm the London Fire Brigade said that six fire engines and 35 firefighters were dealing with a fire in Feldman Close. A spokesperson for the Fire Brigade could not confirm whether the incident had been caused by a lightning strike.