Rozanna Duncan
Rozanne Duncan BBC film maker said she had "a problem" with black people for their faces

An Ukip councillor allegedly said she had "a problem" with black people because there was "something about their faces," it has been revealed.

Kent councillor Rozanne Duncan was thrown out of the anti-EU party in what is the latest racism scandal to damage its image.

Duncan reportedly made the statement to a BBC film-maker during the shooting of a documentary about South Thanet in Kent, where leader Nigel Farage is standing in the upcoming general election.

Duncan's precise comments were not initially revealed, but they were said to be "jaw-dropping".

She allegedly sought to justify her comments by saying her attitude was the result of not having known any black people as a child.

Ukip has refused to comment on the incident, beyond confirming Duncan had been expelled from the party. Duncan has so far also declined to comment.