A Ukip member made an emotional appeal to Santa Claus on a huge Union Flag, but appeared to commit an embarrassing blunder by hanging it the wrong way round.

Timothy Miller, 65, covered the side of his house with the flag and slogan, which read: "An urgent message for father Christmas. All we wish for is our country back."

But the red diagonal lines are all on the wrong side of the white background. Whatever would Santa think? Come to mention it, what would Nigel Farage think?

However, the back-to-front flag was actually not a mistake at all, according to Miller. He has reportedly insisted it is deliberate subliminal message about the distress the United Kingdom is facing.

True or not, Miller insisted he stands behind his wonky Christmas message. He told local media: "How farcical is it that we are going to have a general election and still we have a government going down the road of making people think this is a democracy.

"It's not a democracy and everything is being done for us. I have sat for 40 years driving taxis listening and hearing people - they all feel helpless and they are not ready to say anything they believe because they feel they will pay somehow."

In fact, this is not the first time Miller has pulled the stunt. Last year, police investigated the same slogan on a much more modest flag which he plastered on the front of his house.