Co-showrunner Steve Blackman on Tuesday teased what will happen in "The Umbrella Academy" season 3 as he revealed the titles for all ten episodes of the series.

Blackman rolled out the titles on Twitter as part of Netflix's Geeked Week announcements. The event, which will go on until June 11, will tackle anything geeky in film and TV.

The first episode is called "Meet the Family." This was already revealed way back late in November 2020 when Blackman shared a copy of the script on his Instagram. The title confirms that the premiere picks up where season 2 left off with the introduction of the Sparrow Academy.

Meanwhile, episode two is called "World's Biggest Ball of Twine" and episode three is "Pocket Full of Lightning." Blackman refused to expound on what the episode four title, "Kugelblitz," means although he said that it is "a real word." A Google search describes it as a black hole formed from radiation.

Then, episode 5 is called "Kindest Cut," episode six is "Marigold," which the series co-creator said might hold special meaning to the fans. They may be familiar with it especially those who read the source material from Gerard Way's graphic novels.

"Auf Wiedersehen," which is German for "goodbye" is the title for episode seven. Episode eight is called "Wedding at the End of the World" and episode nine is "Six Bells," which Blackman said will mean much more once viewers have started watching the season.

Lastly, the title for episode ten of "The Umbrella Academy" season 3 is "Oblivion." The showrunner hinted at a grim foreboding from the sound of it alone. He called it "ominous and terrifying" according to TV Line.

All ten episode titles hint that "The Umbrella Academy" season 3 will remain filled with mayhem, weirdness, and unexpected twists and turns, just as what seasons 1 and 2 provided. Netflix has yet to announce a release date but filming is well underway in Canada. Some of the cast members, including Elliot Page, Britne Olford, Tom Hopper, and Emmy Raver-Lampman were spotted filming their scenes earlier in May. Photos showed Hopper's Luther in trouble as he gets attacked by some members of the Sparrow Academy.

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