Netflix has yet to renew "The Umbrella Academy" for season 3, but news about the start of filming for the instalment seemingly confirms the show's return.

A report from Production Weekly revealed the start of production on the upcoming season to be in February 2021. The report also revealed that the show is working on the title "Chroma."

If confirmed, then fans are looking at the return of "The Umbrella Academy" TV series later in 2021 or early 2022. According to Inverse, Netflix will likely renew the show in January, a month before filming starts. This is in keeping with the show's history of official renewal announcements.

As for the working title, it does not have any relevant connection to the Season 3 plot. In the entertainment industry, "Chroma" or "Chroma keying" is a process that involves the use of greenscreen to replace one background with another. This is a common alternative in movie and TV show productions that require extensive special effects.

"The Umbrella Academy" Season 3 may use a greenscreen in some of their scenes. But viewers know from that Season 2 cliffhanger that the instalment will feature the Sparrow Academy. It will show a different Ben Hargreeves, one who is physically alive and is the leader of the sinister group.

Justin H. Min, who plays Ben, said his character in "The Umbrella Academy" season 3 will be "quite different." He will not be the "ghost Ben" and the kind and cheerful brother to his siblings. He will be different "in terms of not only his appearance but even in terms of personality and character." He appears to be vulgar and obnoxious.

The season 2 ending is similar to how Gerard Way ended "Hotel Oblivion," the third story of his "The Umbrella Academy" comics, on which the show is based. Showrunner Steve Blackman said in a previous interview that season 3 will grab some elements from the comics. He teased that he already has a big plan for the instalment, especially on how he will tell the story of the Hargreeves family from seasons 1 and 2 to the new family introduced in the season 2 cliffhanger.

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