Ken Hall hopes for some changes in his character's story in "The Umbrella Academy" Season 3, now that he is the head of the Commission.

The actor, who plays Herb in the Netflix show, looked back on his character's storyline shift in an interview with Inverse. Season 2 opened with the character appointed as The Handler's (Kate Walsh) supervisor after she was relegated to a desk job following her presumed death in Season 1. Carmichael took over her position in her absence.

However, The Handler managed to oust Carmichael which then put Herb back as her assistant. Things did not turn out well for her in the end though. As fans may remember, she died and Herb was appointed as the temporary head of the board of directors of the Commission.

When "The Umbrella Academy" Season 3 opens, that is if Netflix renews the show, Herb will be leading a new group of board members. After all, Five massacred everyone under Carmichael's team in order to fulfill his deal with The Handler.

As for what he wants to see happen to Herb, Hall said that he can picture the character "maybe enjoying the comforts of having a bigger office." He can also see him "indulging in a bit of that power."

The comedian shared that he also wants "The Umbrella Academy" Season 3 to explore Herb's story. He wants to "see his personal story." This is understandable as the past seasons have mostly shown Herb working tirelessly for The Handler.

"I'm also curious, like, what does he do with his time off?... Does he have a bowling team that he plays with on Tuesday nights?" Hall added.

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Perhaps "The Umbrella Academy" Season 3 will develop Herb and Diego Hargreeves' (David Castañeda) newfound "bro-ish relationship" as the actor called it.

Aside from portraying Herb in "The Umbrella Academy," the "2-MAN NO-SHOW" star also provides the motion capture for the intelligent ape Pogo. Talking about his role in this aspect, Hall revealed that it took him an entire day to properly work his way around the process. He said he "kept messing it up" but was thankful that the final cut looks great.

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