The UN appealed for more support for Syrian refugees on Wednesday (January 14) after it launched the largest ever report examining their living conditions of refugee communities.

United Nations Higher Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Antonio Guterres said the report was based on data gathered from questionnaires filled by almost 150,000 Syrian refugees during visits carried out by UNHCR and its partner International Relief and Development (IRD).

"This reports refers to the 620,000 Syrian refugees registered with UNHCR and involves the 84 percent of them that do not live in camps that live in the community. And this report corresponds to the largest survey ever done in the world about living conditions of the refugee community," said Guterres at a news conference in Jordan.

According to the UN. income and expenditure for the majority of refugee households is now below the level needed to meet their most basic needs, leaving them increasingly reliant on humanitarian assistance.