The UN Security Council has issued a strongly worded statement condemning the unsuccessful test of North Korea's ballistic missile. The global body has yet again called for tightening the screws on economic sanctions against the isolated nation.

The 15-member council has also called on world governments to implement the crippling sanctions more strictly.

The UNSC said in a statement: "The members of the Security Council deplore all DPRK (North Korea) ballistic missile activities, including these multiple failed launches, noting that such activities contribute to the DPRK's development of nuclear weapons delivery systems and increase tension."

The North had carried out its ballistic missile test recently despite strong opposition to conduct such trials. The medium-range Musudan missile, thought to be capable of reaching up to the US territory of Guam, had exploded on the mobile launcher.

"These repeated attempted launches are in grave violation of the DPRK's international obligations under United Nations Security Council resolutions," the French Ambassador Francois Delattre, who is holding the presidency for this month, said in the statement. The UNSC's condemnation has the backing of China, the North's close ally, and Russia as well.

This was Pyongyang's fourth missile test with the earlier three launches also ending up unsuccessful. The first missile was test-fired on 15 April and two consecutive tests were carried out on 28 April.

Ever since the North conducted its fourth nuclear test in January and followed it up by a test of its long-range rocket in February, the Korean peninsula has witnessed high tension. There have been constant war of words and threats emerging from both sides – the North Korea and its rival South Korea – for the past few months. The UN had adopted severe sanctions following those acts in addition to existing measures.