Cleo the cat went missing and her owners found CCTV video of a man in a hoodie instigating his dog to attack Cleo. Amos Price was identified as the owner of the dog. Price confessed to the crime during a hearing at Walsall Magistrates' Court. For his role in Cleo's death, Price will have to serve 18 months in prison and will not be able to own any animal in the future.

Since the evening of October 23, Cleo's owner, Gary Truefitt, was unable to find his cat. When the eight-year-old cat failed to turn up the next day,, Truefitt checked the video footage of the CCTV camera outside his home in Woodlands Crescent, Pelsall. In the video, he saw the horrendous attack orchestrated by a man in a hoodie.

The man was seen walking his "lurcher-type" dog while Cleo was seen sitting on a wall. Upon noticing Cleo, the man urged his dog to attack the cat. The large dog ferociously savaged the cat.

missing cat
Cleo's killer sentenced for her death. RSPCA

Truefitt took to social media and shared the video in an attempt to identify the culprit. The owner of the dog turned out to be the unemployed father of two, Price. Under the influence of alcohol, he encouraged his dog to attack the innocent animal.

Price had previously been convicted of criminal damage and assault. When Price was taken into custody, he claimed that he was about to turn himself in because of the life-threats his family was getting. In court, Price stated that he was ashamed of his behaviour and had he been sober, he would not have harmed the animal.

Magistrates at the Walsall Magistrates' Court were unhappy that they were giving Price such a short term. Chairmen of the bench told the court that they were restricted, as the law allowed a maximum of 26-weeks for Price's crime. Since Price pleaded guilty, the sentence had to be reduced to a third making it an 18-week sentence. The Magistrates wanted Price to languish in prison longer.

BBC also pointed out that Price would no longer be able to own any animals. If he was caught with an animal in his custody, the animal would be taken away and he could face another jail term.