A Welsh woman has given birth to a healthy baby boy despite not knowing she was pregnant.

Rhiannon Oldham and her partner Gareth Williams were on the phone to 999 after calling about intense pains in Oldham's stomach area. Despite being a bit bigger, Oldham assumed the gain weight was from Christmas eating and says she had no idea she was pregnant.

Several minutes later, Williams delivered the baby boy in their Pontnewynydd home near Pontypool. According to Wales Online, the couple - who recently got engaged - named the boy Phillip Alan.

Phillip was born on 17 February, three days after the couple became engaged on Valentine's Day. On Wednesday (28 February), the couple met with the ambulance crew who had helped them through the birth.

"On the Friday, Rhiannon had been complaining of stomach pain but we dismissed it and just kept an eye on it," Williams said. "By the early hours of Saturday morning she was in agony and I had to carry her from the bathroom to the bedroom and that's when I could see that something strange was happening."

"I called 999 and I told them there was something seriously wrong with my girlfriend and within minutes Rhiannon had actually given birth. It was a huge shock because we had absolutely no idea that she was pregnant but we're over the moon."

In the phone call to 999, which can be heard above, Williams specifically said that Oldham was not pregnant. The call handler, Chelsie Holbrook, said the symptoms were definitely the sign of labor.

"The alarm bells started to ring for me when Gareth said that Rhiannon had a large lump and before we knew it she had actually given birth," Holbrook told Wales Online. "The adrenaline was well and truly pumping at that point. I've delivered five babies in my time as a call handler and this one's definitely up there in terms of the most dramatic."

Oldham maintains she had no idea she was pregnant. "I'd put on weight over Christmas but I just put it down to over-indulging. I now know that the 4lb I put on was actually baby Phillip.

"The last couple of weeks have been a blur. One minute we were planning for a wedding - now we're planning for a nursery."

The couple have been together for nine years and both extended their gratitude to the ambulance service.