Video has been released of a UK gun runner explaining how he manages to deliver weapons to murderous gangs in just five hours.

In the video, which shows the man masked in a balaclava, he details the process of selling rifles, shotguns and handguns for huge amounts of money. One of the guns will sell for around £4,000 he says.

The footage was published in YouTube by Naked Stories. "You have to be ruthless," a masked man says. "Everyone's out here to kill someone, so you either kill or be killed."

Naked Stories revealed the gun deals happen far away from UK city centres.

One illegal gun dealer said: "You've got to be very careful who you deal with. Any slight inkling of something not being right we won't move it."

"There are certain people that know how to get a hold of us all the time, and other people go to them to get hold of us. Say it's going to London, I get a call now, five hours. Done."

He finds the guns at house clearance sales and says most of them are undocumented - which are untraceable by the police.

But why does he do it? "Money. The money is very good." While most of the weapons date back to World War II, the man said he does sometimes provide modern weapons. Prices range from a few hundred for the older guns to £5,000 for the new models.