A still from Roble Regal's Decebruary video
Roble Regal is giving away $5,000 if you can crack the cryptic code in his music video RobleRegal/YouTube

Relatively unknown rapper Roble Regal was given $5,000 to make a music video for his latest single Decebruary, but he opted instead to cobble together a homemade version for peanuts.

Rather than blow the cash on designer clothes, nightclubs and typical rapper excesses, he came up with a very unique promotional activity.

Roble Regal says that somewhere in the video and lyrics for Decebruary are cryptic clues that will lead the viewer to an email address and password, which can be used to access a PayPal account holding $5,000

The first person who cracks the code will be able to claim to cash. Check out the music video below and see if you can figure it out.