Ohio shoppers were hopping mad when they spotted a new brew for sale in their local stores and complained until the product, Sweet Baby Jesus beer, was pulled from shelves.

"It's not meant to be offensive, it's not meant to be derogatory," DuClaw Brewing Company founder Dave Benfield told the Baltimore Business Journal. "When you push boundaries and try to get one group excited about it, inevitably people are going to get upset on one side or the other."

Benfield said the name is a carefully chosen homage to the way a particular brew tastes. "When we name our beers, it's really more than liquid, it's how that beer feels to us," he said. "We don't censor ourselves because it might cost us dollars."

The usually crowd-pleasing beer accounts for up to 40% of DuClaw's sales, making it the company's most popular beer

Even though the beer has now been yanked from all 22 Heinen Grocery stores in Ohio and Illinois, the name stays, said Benfield. Other favourites from DuClaw include Morgazm, Guilty Filthy Soul and Dirty Little Freak.

So what's so Sweet Baby Jesus about the beer? The "chocolate peanut butter porter is jet black in colour with a tan, rocky head, full body and creamy, luxurious mouthfeel," boasts the brew promo on DuClaw's web site. It's "so savoury, you will exclaim it's name!"