US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday (17 June) that she would soon roll out a plan to make college more affordable and help graduates who already have student loans refinance their debt.

Clinton, speaking at a community college near Charleston, South Carolina, said she also supports President Barack Obama's proposal to let students attend two years of community college for free.

"I support President Obama's proposal for two years of free community college because we've got to get education out to people," she said. "And in the next weeks, I will be rolling out a comprehensive proposal about what to do on making college affordable and getting the debt load of people who are already out of school, and have all these loans with often high interest rates that are really hard for them to repay, figuring out what we are going to do to refinance and get these lowered as well. I think it's really important."

In her effort to drum up support among young voters, Clinton also suggested the government give businesses a $1,500 (£947) tax credit for each apprentice they hire, rewarding them for the time and money they spend teaching new workers.