Guns were found in the suspect's Jeep
Pierce County Sheriff's Department released this image of the suspect's Jeep Pierce County Sheriff's Department

A 54-year-old man who claimed US President Donald Trump phoned him to warn "the lizard people were coming" has been detained by police after allegedly taking strong drugs, filling his white Jeep Cherokee with guns and waving around an AK47 in public.

According to the Pierce County Sheriff's Department, the incident was reported in late November by a member of the public who had noticed the potentially suspicious vehicle.

When approached by officers, the man told them an "alpha dragon" had taken his family hostage and that he was forced to stop his car at the junction because he was surrounded by lizard people and needed to fight them off "as directed by the president".

"The meth doesn't make me crazy man, the lizard people are real!" the suspect, from Eatonville in Pierce County, Washington, told police as they attempted to cuff him.

When approached, the suspect placed his guns inside his vehicle and laid on the ground, but was later Tased by two separate police officers after resisting arrest.

The man told one Pierce County deputy that he had "snorted methamphetamine to lose weight" and was taking prescribed morphine. He told police that he was screaming to "attract the news vans" and so his "story could be documented for history".

In a statement, the police department said: "Our sergeant requested medical assistance from Central Pierce Fire and Rescue. Responding EMS evaluated the man at the scene and reported that he was showing indication of being 'heavily under the influence of a stimulant'.

"The 54-year-old male was transported to a hospital for further treatment and was placed in a 14-day mental health evaluation hold," it added.

Law enforcement, which released pictures of the suspect's vehicle on Facebook, said that a number of guns had been booked into evidence following the arrest.

The stash of weapons included a loaded Century Arms AK47, a loaded Ruger .357 revolver, 5 loaded magazines for the AK47, a holster for the revolver, and a wooden bat. In addition, there was a total of 170 rounds of 7.62 ammunition loaded in the 6 magazines for the AK47, police said.

There were no injuries to the public as a result of the man's actions.

Pierce County Jeep
Pierce County Sheriff's Department said the man 'complied' after being tazed Pierce County Sheriff's Department