An estranged couple, who appeared on the Travel Channel hit series Ghost Adventures, were found dead at an apartment in Nevada on 22 September. Mark and Debbie Constantino were both qualified as paranormal investigators.

Police started their investigations after finding a dead man at a house in Reno. In what appeared to be connected incidents, police later tracked down Debbie, who was roommates with the unidentified dead man.

After police traced Debbie by tracking her smartphone, she was found dead inside her daughter's apartment in Sparks along with her husband who appeared to have kidnapped her. According to Reno police deputy chief Tom Robinson, gun shots were heard from the apartment after officers knocked on the door.

A suspect, believed to be Mark, reportedly told police, "give me 15 minutes to gather my thoughts or I'll kill her," said Robinson. Failed negotiations with the police followed and officers had to eventually blow open the door. Officers found the couple dead inside.

Debbie had reportedly obtained a restraining order on her husband and the couple were due to appear in court in December over their divorce, reported MSN.

Mark and Debbie Constantino were electronic voice phenomena (EVP) experts and are most remembered for their appearance on Ghost Adventures. The couple were known to have a history of domestic violence, and Mark Constantino had earlier been arrested over domestic battery and kidnapping of Debbie.

Posted by RIP Debby and Mark Constantino on Wednesday, September 23, 2015