An Indiegogo page has been set-up for a new beer that claims to capture 'the essence' of a woman by using vaginal bacteria in the brewing process. The Order of Yoni is trying to raise €150,000 to fund the first batches of 'Bottled Instinct', using the lactic acid bacteria from Czech model, Alexandra Brendlova's vagina.

The Indiegogo page claims that the beer would be a "golden drink brewed with her lure, grace and flavoured with instincts" as it contains "a quintessence of femininity". It even goes so far as to say the beer would be like a date with a model: "The technology enabling materialising her loveliness, gracefulness and character, giving you the possibility of conversion of a tasty beer into a date with real goddess."

The page explains that by using "hi-tech microbiology", the company can "isolate, examine and prepare" lactic acid bacteria from a woman's vagina which then "transfers woman's features, allure, grace, glamour, and her instincts into beers and other products."

They assure readers that the product is "clean and healthy" as their "procedures of isolation and preparation prevent other bacteria and viruses from surviving."

The company is planning for the €150,000 to go towards making six batches of 16,600 beers each. The money will pay for making the beer and, according to the page, the "model's reward". As is usually the case with online funding campaigns, different contributions reap different rewards –including branded glasses and bottle openers.

At the highest end of the contributions, anyone putting in €10,000 will receive 60 bottles produced from "your girlfriend's vaginal bacteria" – though, this "may require a visit to a gynecologist in Poland or Germany."

If their funding campaign is successful, The Order of Yoni want to bring out further products, including a blonde ale with "vaginal lactic acid bacteria of a blond-haired model or celebrity" and a "BDSM ale" from "vaginal lactic acid bacteria of red-head or brunette model".

As of writing, only €11 had been raised in the first six days and none of the perks had been claimed.