Many strange things are reported on Valentine's Day every year but this February 14, Chinese zoo officials are attempting to do something very unique and bizarre by announcing a cross species marriage between a ram and a deer.

Meet Chunzi and Changmao, a male ram and a female deer (doe), who, according to the zoo keepers at Yunnan Wild Animal Park in Kunming (southwest China), are inseparable and "deeply in love."

Liu Gencheng, a 24-year-old worker in the zoo told China Daily that the 2-year-old ram and the 3-year-old doe have been having an affair since last year. He also said that he has witnessed this unusual couple mating a lot of times.

"I've seen that many times. I know they usually do it in the morning," Gencheng told China Daily.

This bizarre love story briefly ended when Liu Lingxiang (the zoo vet), after finding the couple in an intimate position, reported it to the zoo's manager.

After that the news about this weird couple spread like wildfire leading to thousands of debates and discussions.

"Sex between different species of animals is not natural," China Daily quoted Long Yongcheng (from the US-based Nature Conservancy) as saying.

He was soon convinced when he saw videos of the strange couple in action (Taken by Li) with his own eyes.

Just when it looked like the couple was going to live happily ever after, an interesting piece of news was soon disclosed.Chunzi, who had had more than one sexual partner, had become a father.

Finally the zoo officials decided to separate Chunzi from his concubine doe, so he could be with his "regular" family.But after just minutes of the separation (which lasted for around two hours), Chunzi reportedly went crazy, trying to attack his family.

"Long Hair (the ram's nickname) even hurt his baby and the female sheep with his horns. It scared us. And Chunzi has been trying to lick Long Hair through the fence," china Daily quoted Li Li (a staff member with the zoo) as saying.

So finally the world can witness this incredibly bizarre wedding on Valentine's Day at a small price.

Also the zoo will be selling T-shirts so that people will always remember this amazing union.

check out a video of this amazing love story here