The UK's least romantic towns and cities have been revealed ahead of Valentine's Day 2018.

In a new survey of 1,500 women in long-term relationships around the UK, Essex men in Chelmsford came off worse as their partners rated them worst for romance. A huge 79% of women polled in Chelmsford said their partner was not romantic in the slightest, while more than half said their man was "useless" at romantic gestures.

However Leeds men did not fare much better, with 70% of women from the city saying their partner is clueless when it comes to matters from the heart. Brighton, Manchester and Nottingham were also very close behind when it comes to failing at romance.

The survey also found that 70% of women have no faith in their partner, fully expecting their present to be bought at the last minute this Valentine's Day. Sadly, 20% of UK females are dreading the most romantic day of the year because they believe their friends' husbands and boyfriends are so much better at making a romantic gesture than their own.

Top 10 least romantic hotspots in the UK:

    1. Chelmsford (79%)
    2. Leeds (70%)
    3. Brighton (69%)
    4. Manchester (68%)
    5. Nottingham (67%)
    6. Glasgow (62%)
    7. London (62%)
    8. Newcastle (61%)
    9. Plymouth (61%)
    10. Bristol (49%)

Nearly 66% of women have never received a love poem from their beau, 70% have never had a heartfelt poem written for them, and 40% have never even been brought breakfast in bed. Of the women studied, four in 10 said their husband or partner didn't like anything soppy, while 35% complained their other half was too embarrassed to show his emotions.

It is also believed that women will splash out just a fraction more than men on Valentine's Day gifts this year - £24.70 compared to £25.70.

The survey was carried out by Photobox, which decided on Chelmsford as the most useful place to trial a same-day delivery service for those men expected to buy gifts at the last minute. The Valentine's Rescue service will get those crucial gifts delivered in time for dinner within a five mile radius of the town if ordered between 8am-2pm on 14 February.

Chelmsford least romantic place
Chelmsford was found to be the UK's least romantic place in a new study. Photobox