Dozens of women who asked out their crush on a Valentine's date have shared the responses on Twitter, and they range from being totally heartwarming to pretty stark.

Oloni, a sex and relationship blogger who runs Simply Oloni, first encouraged women to get involved with the Valentines Day Challenge on 5 February. She tweeted: "Ladies, ask the guy you have a crush on to be your Valentine this year & tell him you'd like to go on a date with him. Tweet me a screenshot of his response."

There were many success stories. "Yeeeeeeeesssssss" and "I'm so glad you asked!! I was legit sitting here thinking of the best way to ask you!" were two of the most encouraging responses. Another man reacted by saying "wow" because his "wcw" just asked him out, referring to the women crush Wednesday meme where people say who they fancy on social media.

Others replied saying "sure thing", "hell yeah" and even "Why not... I'd rather be with you than anywhere else", while some women managed to book more than one date by texting multiple men.

Others were even more romantic. Fiona, who said she was "melting with sweat" through anxiety before she sent the "Be my valentine?" message, received this response: "Been thinking of many ways to ask you that all week. You never cease to surprise me. I'd really like that & since you did the asking, I'll orchestrate the date."

And Idrees Maryam, who asked for her crush to spend the whole of Valentine's Day with her, got an incredible response with the man saying he would not mind spending the rest of their lives together, instead. "I can't stop smiling! I believe I am [the] luckiest guy on earth." Maryam said she was super excited and sent her thanks to Oloni because "it worked".

Others were less successful, however. One man replied asking for clarification if it would be "as friends", more than one asked if the woman had taken drugs, and others said "no, I got a girl" or "I don't do Valentine's sorry". One poor woman's crush even blocked her on Twitter in response.