Vampire Diaries Season 5 spoilers
Damon is all set to blow up Mystic Falls in the finale of Vampire Diaries Season 5. The Vampire Diaries/Facebook

Fans of the Vampire Diaries are still in shock at the tragic end of the show's main character, Stefan. To make things worse, the latest promo doesn't focus on the comeback of the beloved vampire but says more about the town burning to ash.

Stefan Salvatore is dead and Mystic Falls is in peril after Markos and the Travellers' deadly attack. But Damon has figured out the 'only' way to save the town from the Travellers' curse is to destroy it literally.

Damon is bewildered after the unexpected turn of events and is all set to avenge his twin brother's death. He plots to blow up the entire town in order to get rid of Markos's magical spell.

Entertainment website Hwhills released the official description in its report which reads:

"Heartbroken by an unexpected tragedy, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) will be focused on holding himself together, while pushing Bonnie (Kat Graham) harder than ever to find a way to stop the disintegration of the Other Side."

"Elena (Nina Dobrev) will take matters into her own hands, and demands that Liv (guest star Penelope Mithcell) and Luke (guest star Chris Broshu) help her, but Liv will refuse to cooperate until Caroline (Candice Accola) provides her with some personal motivation."

Entertainment website comicbookmovie suspects that Damon might push Bonnie to try her best to stop the disintegration of the Other Side while Elena takes Liv and Luke's help to save Mystic Falls.

Sheriff Forbes, terrified after Markos takes the town's control in his own hands, will try to help Damon cause the explosion.

Check the extended promo of the Vampire Diaries Season 5 Finale episode here.

Fans are already nursing a broken heart, and should the explosion cause Damon's death, that will be a double blow for them and the series.

But, we all know Vampires don't really die; they can always take the Other Side route to come back. The show's only hope is Bonnie who is trying her best to solve the riddle.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Finale 'Home' will air at 8 pm on 15 May. The final episode is written by Caroline Dries and Brian Young and directed by Chris Grismer.