Vampire Diaries season 6 episode 12 synopsis: Will Sheriff Forbes\' death open doors for Stefan and Caroline romance?
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The Vampire Diaries season 6 is treating fans with interesting twists and the Ian Somerhalder directed episode proved this, when Bonnie gifts Damon the "cure for vampirism".

This has not only shocked the elder Salvatore brother, but now he will be in a dilemma whether to gift it to Elena or to his recently rescued mother Lily.

In the previous episode, Damon and Elena entered the prison world of 1903 along with Bonnie and Kai to find mama Salvatore.

Delena finally find Lily and ask her to go back with them to the current Mystic Falls and help Stefan get his humanity back after he turned into a ripper following Caroline's breakdown.

However, Lily urges her son to take the desiccated "others" who scarified their blood to keep her ripper self away, but Damon denies this and forces her to leave the prison world.

Meanwhile, in the same prison world, the Bennett witch takes her revenge from Kai by stabbing him repeatedly; in spite of him urging her that he has changed.

She leaves him to die and returns to the current world, proving to be the best friend of Damon by gifting him the "cure for vampirism".

Bustle suspects that the elder Salvatore brother may ditch the love of his life and play a true son by gifting the cure to his mother.

The cure will make Lily human again and this way Damon will be able to avoid the impending damage his mother could cause in the modern day Mystic Falls, if she again turns into a ripper.

This also seem logical, since if Elena get the cure the show will go back to season one and fans may not be interested in seen the earlier equation all over again.

Lily is the only way to bring Stefan's humanity back and giving the cure to her seems appropriate.

After the surprise Steroline sex scene in the last episode, TVD fans are in for some cosy moments as episode 18 will feature a steamy Delena scene and their discussion about Lily.

The upcoming episode will also focus on Steroline and how they plan to kill Tylor and Matt who were on a mission to stop the couple's blood hunting spree.

Vampire Diaries season 6 returns this Thursday on The CW network.