Vampire Diaries season 7
Lily's family of heretics will look to destroy Mystic Falls when the show premieres in October CW

If you thought Elena going into deep slumber was the biggest twist in The Vampire Diaries, think again! The premiere episode of season 7 which promises to showcase the deadly side of the heretics, who managed to enter Mystic Falls with the help of Kai in the season 6 finale.

It is speculated that Damon and Stefan's mother Lily Salvatore, would lead her bloodthirsty "family" on a rampage, destroying the vampire-friendly town and instilling fear among the residents of Mystic Falls.

Executive producer Caroline Dries has teased that the Salvatore mother would try out some new tricks to control her sons.

"What I love about Lily is that I don't think we ever see her lift a finger on the show. She has a way of being manipulating and calculating and she knows how to push her son's buttons," she told TV Guide.

Dries also teased that the vampire mother's "dirty politics" will turn her sons against each other. However the Salvatore brothers would catch her tricks and stand fight against the heretics and save their town.

"She is a villain in that what she wants opposes what our heroes want, but in her mind all she wants is peace and she would love it if everyone would get along," the executive producers explained about Lily's bad intentions.

Moreover, it will be interesting to see how CW manages to continue with the popular supernatural series in the absence of Elena Gilbert.

Vampire Diaries season 7 premieres on 8 October on the CW in the US.