At least one more person has been killed during food riots and lootings in crisis-hit Venezuela, bringing the death toll to four. A man was shot and another 27 people were injured during unrest in the town of Cumana, capital of Sucre State, on Tuesday (14 June).

Oil-rich Venezuela has been rocked by violent protests due to food shortages, with protesters taking to the streets chanting "we are hungry" as they are unable to buy basic items such as flour and rice.

"It was all very confusing. There were simultaneous lootings in different parts of Cumana. They looted more than 100 establishments," Milagros Paz, member of the Justice First party, told Reuters.

The circumstances of the death are still unknown. Earlier this month, two men died, one in Sucre state and the other in Venezuela's capital Caracas. A National Guard sergeant major was arrested in connection with the death in Sucre. A woman was killed in the state of Tachira, and a policeman was arrested over her death.

Local group Venezuelan Observatory of Violence claimed that at least 10 incidents of looting are occurring daily. The Social Conflict group estimated that out of 641 protests the country witnessed in the past month, more than a quarter were related to the ongoing food crisis.

Although Venezuela announced plans to import food, there are fears that looting will increase as local production of various food items has halted.

Protests are occurring as the country's opposition is calling for a referendum on whether President Nicolás Maduro should to stay in power or not. Maduro has been accused of failing to restore the country's crippled economy which has been negatively impacted by falling oil prices.

Maduro said a referendum to recall him from the presidency will not be held until next year. He has also accused the opposition of seeking to overthrow him.